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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  January 26, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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country club the it is not clear if the person killed was the driver or passenger. we will have a live report coming in the hour. >> oakland police officer is recovering after being shot in the leg. he is the second officer wounded in the line of duty this week. last night's shooting happened in the fruitvale district. on monday an officer was shot in the arm a mile away on seminary avenue. we report that story. >> police say this vehicle ran a stop sign and was birthday sided by a chevrolet at east 12th and 47th avenue. witnesses say the driver of the vehicle did not have i.d. and behaving erratically and tried and failed to on the door of a passing car and left the scene. during the course of the investigation, the officer heard several gunshots several blocks
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away. police chief tells us two officers left the crash scene and headed toward the gunshots. they were confronted by a gunman who shot one officer in the leg and ran away. the police caught up with him two blocks away. >> at that time, one officer fired his weapon at the suspect. they did not hit him. the suspect immediately surrendered. dropped the gun. was taken into custody. >> the initial gunfire happened when a man matching the description of the hit-and-run driver shot at him after he refused to let him take the bicycle. >> still, to have. >> -- still to have the nerve to shoot at an officer tells you everything. we will put an end to this. >> the police chief says he is determined to end this wave of violence by sending a clear message. he will work with the d.a. to make sure the criminals get the max sentence possible. >> keeping guns out of the hands
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of criminals is the focus of national debate and local action. today, law enforcement on the peninsula will do what other bay area jurisdictions have done and offer cash to people who turn in guns. the san mateo county sheriff is holding a buy back, $100 for guns, $200 for military-style assault rifles. it is a buy back that is anonymous so no questions. arrive with the weapons unloaded, in the trunk. the event is at the san mateo county event center from 10:00 this morning until 2:00. vice president biden has been looking for ways to keep criminals and the mentally ill from buying guns. the round table group in virginia is talking about allowing states to access a national database. >> we have a gun dealer or say, dix x sporting goods, you have swiped your cards they swipe it for you and find out whether you are part of the class of people. >> vice president biden is
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taking the white house gun control policy on the road to get consensus from states where guns and hunting are popular. >> the marin county district attorney has announced it will make good on the gun buyback vouchers it handed out early this month. the buy back event overwhelmed officials. more than 800 guns were turned in and the $43,000 in donations went quickly. $67,000 worth of vouchers were handed out and the redemption takes place february 15 in san rafael from 11:00 to 8:00. fairfield fire investigators work to find out how a popular comedy club went up in flames with 100 firefighters battling the flames which broke out at 7:00. there were a few employees and customers inside at the time but place got everyone out quickly. the heavy smoke inside the building forced the firefighters to call for help from throughout the county. by 11:00 the fire was knocked
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down and one truck company stayed on the scene to make sure there were no flare-ups. >> we have nothing that shows it is suspicious. but it is a five-alarm fire. >> no injuries were reported and no other buildings were damaged by the fire. >> palo alto police are investigating a deadly accident that killed a woman in her 70's last night. we were over the scene after the woman was hit by a car on embarcardero road and died at the hospital. police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> a fired varsity football coach is taking the fall for players who were hazing each other. five students were expelled. the former coach says he overheard students say in the junior varsity coach allowed varsity players to haze them and described lewd acts that some of the upper classmen inflicted on
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the lower class men. he says he first contacted the child protective services about the allegations and he wrote a memo to the principal and as a former new york state police officer, he also offered to help with the investigation. that is why he was surprised he was fired yesterday. >> there are absolutely forbidden to engage in hazing and bullying tactics of all kinds. it was really a cut and dry situation when that happened. >> i am held accountable as head coach for the actions of the varsity players against the kids. but no one holding account am the other coach. >> the principal dismissed his because he was responsible for supervising the students at the time the hazing took place. six students were interviewed as victims, and their parents were notified. police were also notified but no arrests were made.
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>> developing news, doctors are treating a blood clot that could have killed the giants began who suffered severe brain damage after being beaten at dodgers stadium two years ago. he now is receiving injections to help dissolve the clot. doctors are survived it was not fatal because of the severity. there are fundraising concerts this weekend, one in napa and another in instruction tomorrow, and giants coach's band is donating proceeds to the family. >> san francisco's district attorney has announced 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will not face sexual assault charges. the accusation stems from an encounter with a woman at a hotel two weeks after the playoff win over green bay. the d.a. determined this was not enough evidence to prosecute crabtree. the super bowl bound 49ers say
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we can now put this behind us and move forward. >> japan's airways canceled all flights between shows and tokyo because of the problems with the boeing 787 dreamliner. we captured the arrival of the ana first nonstop between tokyo and silicon valley. regulators in japan and the united states grounded the new jumbo jets after a series of problems including fires caused by the jet's battery. boeing says the bobo -- boeing 787 dreamliner is safe but being checked out by authorities worldwide. >> taking revenge on so-called revenge porn website. the lawsuit against x-rated sites that put foe those of women without their permission and why they face an uphill battle. >> 49ers fever continues, meet the fan would has been to every 49er super bowl and this year he 49er super bowl and this year he may have best $4 i ever spent.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> legal experts say a lawsuit filed by women against a website showing explicit pictures of them is doomed to fail. the website is and is a revenge website, jilted minute post nude pictures of ex-girlfriends. congress pass add law saying the only people liable for the content are the people would post it. a santa clara law professor believes it will fail on its own. >> we have seen a number of websites that have tried to
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gather and disseminate distasteful content. those websites tend to film out -- flake out quickly. the marketplace drives them out of business after the initial smash. >> he recommended not sharing nude pictures yourself because you have no control of where they will end up. >> the 49ers leave for the super bowl tomorrow afternoon. yesterday, players talked to us for the final time before heading to new orleans. we learn how they are preparing for the big game. >> the 49ers are having the next-to-last practice before headed to new orleans for the super bowl. the coach harbaugh says he wants the players not just to win, but, also, to bask in the expense. >> i want them to enjoy it, to enjoy every minute. especially enjoy the competition. >> harbaugh says his team is fired up and ready for the big game. most of the 49er team has never been to a super bowl. he is proud they are going to have the expense of a lifetime.
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>> that is the most exciting thing to look forward to, playing in the game. the ball being kicked off and working together, fighting together, playing together for a chance to win a championship. >> the players saw harbaugh is an inspiration. the tight end says his energy and drive is contagious. >> the energy is so high, he keeps it that way. which is go. we can all feed off of that. >> this is a last time harbaugh will hold a news conference before headed to new orleans. also, the last time players can express their expectations. another tight end, walker, says practicing in santa clara and thinking about the first super bowl seems unreal. >> when we get to new orleans, it will hit us when we practice. >> the defense line man has been warned by have been veterans not to let the spectacle of the super bowl affect his focus. >> there will be a time when you are like, are we playing a game today? are we here for a concert? they say, stay focused.
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>> the 49ers practice on saturday and head off to new orleans on sunday. >> today, the last of the 49ers season ticket holders who lucked not a special lottery will get their super bowl tickets. pickup began yesterday. >> yeah? i got my tickets. >> he is not too excited. he said he has no idea how he will get to new orleans for the game. yesterday, season ticket holders arrived at the park not knowing how much they would pay for the tickets or where they would it is in the superdome. >> all my friends were saying i have to go, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. screw it, i'm going, i don't care about the money. i am a niner fan. i'm going. >> the fan paid $1,900 for the two tickets and he still needs to pay for air fare, hotel, and meals during the super add
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novemberture. >> this, a long-term 49er fan hopes to join the lottery winners in new orleans. terry has attended each of the niners five previous super bowls starting with the 1991 season but he was not chosen. it was easier for fans to get ticket as generation ago. >> we were able to get tickets the first two. then the next two, we had to go with the travel agency because we didn't get picked. >> the first super bowl ticket cost $40. but paying $5,000 to a broker this time around is beyond white's budget. >> this picture is from diehard fans from way back in the day, the true 49ers faithful. meet april, and daisy, three kit ins about to catch their first super bowl. send us your pictures to
8:15 am we will post your pictures on i am certainly over the moon to be headed to new orleans to cover the quest for 6th. i am with larry beil and mike shumann, who will be wearing his super bowl ring all week. and abc7 news reporter is coming, too, and we will bring you the best coverage during super bowl week and tweeting behind the scenes updates at abc7 news bay area. great stuff on air and behind-the-scenes stuff on social media. >> rub it in. >> bring the game and atmosphere to you, so you will feel like you are this. >> can't wait. >> you can almost taste the bengneits. >> we have dense fog in east bay and the south bay, clouds, and sharks have a game at 1:00 o'clock, upper 50's. plenty of sunny in the north
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bay, but, would you believe we have a cold front that could bring showers. i will explain that coming up. >> also, next, a half court hook shot by a fan is worth thousands of dollars. you have to see
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>> welcome back, everyone, we are watching the weather and marveling how the bay bridge looks but the clouds...are there. >> this is how it is lit with the glint of sun. the sun will win out. but despite the dense fog we will see mostly sunny afternoon. case in point, emeryville, already mostly sunny in the north bay, 7:18 was sunrise setting and 5:27. the only chance of showers the next seven days is perhaps in the next 24 to 36 hours. but just a slim, slim, slim chance. live doppler 7 hd showing right now our sweep on mt. st. helena not picking up anything and we saw all the skies clearing, but the south bay is cloudy with fog a problem from fremont to hayward to livermore valley and
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the national weather center for sacramento has issued a dense fog advisory for the delta and sacramento. by fairfield, further east, you may run into dense fog out there, so be careful. 50 at half moon bay, low 50's at los gatos and upper 50's in santa cruz and 50's in watsonville. the visibility is not great in livermore or santa rosa but improving in napa. novato is up to ten miles. you are half a mile just an hour ago. you will see it is improving around the airport and hayward. san jose has clouds at eight miles visibility. with the cooler air and the trough that is swinging through, we had another system that went through earlier, and numbers are cooler especially at coast, nine degrees cooler this morning with five degrees cooler in livermore, so there is milder mornings are a thing of the past going tomorrow morning where it will be much, much cooler. areas of fog still this morning
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mainly in our east bay, turning cooler with breezy northwest winds along the shoreline and a cool dry pattern into next week as we begin february with no rain, at all, right on through the super bowl. here is a look at our satellite and radar combination composite, you will notice we had all the moisture yesterday that is lifting up, but, city, showers around santa monica and the dessert but our attention is focused to the north and west, with a few sprinkles and a weak cold front continues to sink to the south and east of us, and with it it will bring the cooler air mass. yesterday we saw plenty of mid-upper 60's and 70 in salinas. we are getting into this air mass which has been originating up in the gulf of mexico of alaska, so it will bring the 50's for highs and the clear skies with temperatures near freezing overnight. 59 after the fog lifts in sacramento and 54 in fresno with
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49 in yosemite, and 48 in tahoe and milder today with the sierra showing snow showers tomorrow, but, today, we are look at mid-50's in richmond and half moon bay, and breezy along the san mateo coast this afternoon and 56 if livermore, and 57 in san jose and watsonville and morgan hill, a far cry from the 70 yesterday in salinas. chance of a shower, slight chance. it will be bright out there through the weekend. with the cooler air and the breezy conditions feeling like the season, by monday, we are still cool. we will increase our temperatures wednesday and thursday. perhaps a few lower 60's by the end of the work week. katie, you are not going to be here. why do you care, right? >> very happy and interested for you. warmer in new orleans. >> speaking of which, you still have a chance to get in on the
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pair of super bowl tickets san francisco 49ers owner is giving away. he tweeted thursday just checking in with the 49ers faithful on new orleans and i have two super bowl tickets if someone. let me necessity why i should pick you. he will announce the winner tonight or tomorrow morning. it is only eight days until kickoff, the 49ers are spending the last full day in santa clara before headed to new orleans tomorrow. here is larry beil with a lock -- look at the player that has many 49er fans worried. >> good morning, everyone, if super bowl 47 comes down to a david akers field goal can he make it? does jim harbaugh have confidence in his kicker? acres dismissed 14 of the past 30 attempts and hit the goalpost on a 38-yard field goal attempt and calls the struggles a head scratchers. coach who knows him best might
8:24 am
be john harbaugh of the ravens, he was his position coach for eight years in philadelphia. john is a great special teams guy and knows a lot about kicking and about me, probably. i will look positive and look forward to good things in 2013. >> kaepernick is an instant star after nine starts only. in contrast, you have ravens quarterback who still is not considered an elite quaterback. but he has sent manning and tom brady packing in this post-season. and has thrown eight touchdowns and no picks in the playoffs but it seems like no matter what it is not enough. >> i don't care. there are guys that have to make a living beating on someone and if that is us or me, well, i plan on being around for a while. if you want to continue to do
8:25 am
it, i am here. >> the warriors opened in chicago last night and an ex warrior did them in, robinson now playing for the bulls and warriors just 13 points in the first quarter and not better in the second. former warmer robinson had 22, and lee had 23. bulls were up by up to 26, and richard hamilton lobbing for jimmy butler, 103-87 with the bulls winning. they face the bucks today. great scene in miami, a fan makes a hoop shot from half court at half time worth $75,000. he is going sky hook from mid-court. look at lebron, he is all over him, more excited than the guy that made the shot. the bear hug.
8:26 am
he just won $75,000 dude! >> fantastic. >> that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great week, everyone, i am larry beil. >> may want to spend that money on medical attention. >> the stimulator getting the attention of bay area college students offering a real life lesson on the dangers of testing and driving. >> alliance of technology and fitness if you are trying to get
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> developing news. a nine-year-old san joaquin valley girl who died of the flu on third -- on thursday had no other problems related to health. she did not receive a flu shot. a letter is being sent to the parents. >> huge crowds on the abortion debate are expected in san francisco for annual marchs and rallies. antiabortion groups will attend mass at 9:30 this morning at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco and organized a walk for life rally which begins at civic center plaza at 12:30 and moves down market street. pro choice supporters hold a
8:30 am
rally at noon at the u.n. plaza. >> this morning, in the first weekly address of his new term, president obama is praising two of his nominees. president obama says mary jo white is the right choice for the securities and exchange commission who can reform wall street and richard cordray will be a clam for american consumers. >> as president, my top priority is syma tell, do everything in my power to fight for middle class families and give every american the tools they need to reach the middle class. >> on the republican side, south dakota senator thune, is calling for the senate to address out of control spending to avoid another credit rating downgrade. >> young people are among the most likely to text while driving, a habit law enforcement is trying to break. officers went to a south bay college campus yesterday with a novel approach. our business and technology
8:31 am
reporter shows us what that approach is. >> it takes technology to demonstrate how dangerous technology is. ryan got into this similarity to learn a lesson about texting while driving which he admits he z. >> it is the grace of god i have not been in an accident while driving and texting. >> at&t is spending millions to drive home the message that it can wait if you get a text on the road. ryan got into a crash. >> will it change your think increasing. >> sure. i don't have a car in san jose ben when i go home i will not text and drive. >> are you just saying that? >> no, i promise, i am changed. >> san jose police let students know they are planning 42 enforcement events to get drivers whether they are text or talking and issued 123 citations last year, most of the 3,500 crashes involved distracted driers.
8:32 am
>> it is difficult for people to break the habit because we get more and more comfortable with the technology we have and we have this sense of confidence that we can text a quick response to something. >> as part of a safety campaign, at&t has an app that intercepts text messages when you drive sending a reply that you will text back when it is safe and it can take a real hive story which at&t has turned into public service announcements to underscore that texting is a two-way process. texting someone who is driving can have faith consequences. >> having a highway patrol officer write in a report that the text sent at 12:05 is why she is did will not we go away. >> san jose police point out looking down for five seconds at 55 miles per hour means you are driving blind the length of a football field. >> no more warnings, tomorrow
8:33 am
you have to feed the meter in san francisco on sunday. this policy went into effect at going of the year on sunday you have to pay for metered parking between noon and 6:00 p.m. the meter readers have handed out 11,000 warnings, but now you get a ticket. it is $72 downtown and $62 elsewhere. officials say it is not money but increasing turn over but the city will make an extra $1.7 million a year. >> san francisco officials are bringing back a program to help businesses in china town during the lunar new year holiday. starting today, san francisco will prohibit curb side parking along five blocks of stockton so businesses in that area can set up outdoor displays leading up to the new year lunar celebration to ensure the safety of the large crowds of shoppers
8:34 am
that are expected. merchants have to get a special permit to set up their displays. parking is off limits between 9:00 am and 7:00 p.m. >> four weeks in january and 'tis the season if -- for breaking new year's resolution but san francisco startup wants to help you keep the resolution by putting a personal trainer right in your pocket. we tried it out. >> sam has a thing for being upside down. he is a former wrestler who only turns right side up when he has to walk into the next room and get work done. if you have wondered what happens when you put jobs and nerds together in the same office it turns out you get something like this. >> forward kick. 20 repeats. go. stand tall. raise your hands. >> this is game fitness an app designed to copy down to the finest detail the experience of working out with a personal
8:35 am
trainer. >> it says that i have someone here with me, they are coaching me through it and making my form better. >> the founder is a former football player and engineer who likes to defy gravity and built the yap for himself to stay in shape while traveling for business. now the app has eight trainers you can buy and download from between $1 and $7 each with styles from circus art. to yoga. >> the yap uses prerecorded voice to give you courage during the work out and tell you when the 45 seconds of rest is over if you actually listen, the pain will be over more quickly. >> a real trainer talks to you in a normal flowing kind of a way and getting an app to do that is tricky. >> that is where the nerds town the real trainers into lines of code that are based on your
8:36 am
goals. >> we record the trainer saying "keep your back straight" two or three times so it does not feel unnatural. >> if you do think an iphone can make you sweat, ask sam. >> ambassador -- after 15 minutes i was drenched. >> a new mandate from washington that gives students with disabilities the same chance to play sports as everyone else. and now a look outside at san mateo bridge, you can see the sun is starting to poke through the clouds and it has been a cloudy morning so far. lisa will have the forecast to let you know how long the clouds let you know how long the clouds are they don't need one,though
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novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the education department has announced every public school in america will now have to include students with disabilities in their after school sports program. abc7 news education reporter explains how this changes the playing field. >> fancy footwork got a spot on the soccer team and plays for a club so we were surprised when she showed us her prosthetic leg. >> this is the liner.
8:40 am
inside it is hollow. >> her school encourages all students, including those with disabilities to try out for any sport. >> they treat medicine like a regular kid. there is nothing different about me but for my leg, i can deal with that. >> in some cases the school makes the proper accommodations. >> child who was hearing impaired we made need visual cues like a buzzer. or something else, maybe a child needs something that needs to be put in place. >> willard is doing a lot of what the department of education will now require all schools to do. if a student with a disability cannot meet the standards of skill or ability of that team, the school must provide another option like creating another team. in november, willard receives an award from an organization promoting equality for people with disabilities. >> supporters say this will do for students with disabilities
8:41 am
what title 9 did for women. >> and this woman is for support with families with disability as san francisco-based organization. they have a year-round activity for kids. >> just because you have a disability, doesn't mean you can't compete. it doesn't mean that you can't be part of a team. >> the coach of the san francisco little league baseball challenger division for kids with disabilities. >> lot of kids with disability have no muscle tone so finding physical expression is particularly important for them. >> school districts that have seen tremendous cuts inside and outside the classroom worry about what it will take to comply. >> beautiful blue sky on that day. we have not seen much of that yet this morning. >> depends where you are, parts of the pair we still have fog and airport delays at sfo at 31 minutes. emeryville looks nice.
8:42 am
dense fog in parts of the east bay earlier but everyone is on the way to a sunny but much cooler afternoon that includes a few sprinkles. i will explain next. >> also ahead, the 7 on your side michael finney help track a
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>> welcome back, everyone, at 8:46. in the east bay at berkeley, partly-to-mostly cloudy, but you may feel hope for the sun looking at 53 degrees. lisa will have more details for you coming up in just a minute. here is a valuable lesson learned by a reporter in florida. never turn your back on a goat. >> goats will be here through saturday. they are very friendly. from the county fair, for abc7 -- would you not eat my pants. ahhhh! >> he knocked her down. she is laughing. she says it did not hurt and she landed on sawdust and straw and was just fine.
8:46 am
>> sneaky little goat. got to be careful with live animals and live shots. >> move along! >> the clouds have leader out nicely in the north bay and the east bay has fog and sacramento valley a dense fog advisory but airport delays at sfo and windy conditions there. here is a look from mount tamien with the sunshine, with low clouds and changeable conditions for the weekend. we had mild weather yesterday and it felt kind of tropical out there, i thought, mid-and-upper 60's and even 70 in salinas now the weather is coming from the north with winds giving us a breeze and here is live doppler 7 hd on m st. helena, we could sea a stray shower. numbers are mile, san francisco is 50 with 50 at half moon bay
8:47 am
and 52 in san jose. we are clearing out in the east bay. it is sunny in the north bay. fog has been a problem around santa rosa and 52 in monterey. still looking at some of the visibility problems from santa rosa and napa is improving but we are still looking at fog in the east bay, certainly in the next hour everyone will look for more sunshine, although temperatures are coming down. in fact, this morning, compared to yesterday morning we are cooler on the coach and change in oakland but redwood city will feel the northwest winds. we did have an interesting system yesterday flirting with the extreme north bay, and you saw the clouds hovering far in the north and, again, today, with the areas of fog we will see the clouds lift and sunny but turning cool irand -- cooler and cool weather returns with a
8:48 am
dry pattern and all week long it takes us into february so the fog has been along the delta and sacramento valley and you can see the clouds here, throughout much of the east bay, from half moon bay south but the north bay and the northwestern winds getting going to scour out the clouds and bring if that cooler weather, so, here is a look at our forecast. you will notice the rain is offshore throughout the day today. it doesn't mean that we couldn't see a stray shower sneak on in and as the front continues to sink south, well, it is really going to allow for the cooler air to filter in and high pressure builds in behind it so the weak cold front is on the way and the cooler-than-average numbers throughout the weekend with numbers dropping from the mid-and-upper 60's yesterday's highs to the mid-and-upper 50's today and right on through tomorrow. temperatures in the sierra nevada mild with the cool air not hitting yet and 45 in tahoe and 59 in big sur and then we
8:49 am
will see a chance of snow hours tomorrow morning which is about the only chance in the sierra nevada throughout the week ahead and 58 in oakland and fremont. napa, too. we are starting out with clouds. nice looking shower. but more sunshine and then clouds and vacation if livermore and by the monterey bay it and 70 yesterday in salinas. today, just 59, so, back to reality, but even below average through tomorrow and by monday, mostly sunny, little temperature change, and tuesday and wednesday we begin to feel the effects of a milder air mass thursday, friday, lower 60's and i am sure not everyone likes that, we could use more snow in the mountains, but, otherwise, manageable for getting on with the day. >> you put something in the mail know leg is a slight chance it could get lost a bay area man says his package was not lost it got stuck in another world known as "postal loop." michael 1510 mile 15 any has
8:50 am
that story. roger likes to take pictures with the camera from the 1930's, the kind you look into with the hood over your head. >> you have a lot of resolution and you can make very nice prints. >> however, he did not have the right 11s to take pictures from a distance so when a collector back east offered one for $65, roger snapped it up. >> that began a long process of... >> why is he laughing? >> it is about what happened after the lens was mailed in san francisco. >> it was stuck in the postal system and starting going back-and-forth across the country. >> postal clerk put the wrong coating on the label saying the package was going to boston. the hand written address says it is going do san francisco so you can imagine the state of confusion that resulted.
8:51 am
>> it was stuck if a loop. everything is automatic these days. >> that is the postal service who says the package was trapped in an endless mailing loop. each time it arrived in san francisco, the post office scanned the bar code and sent it back to boston. roger was tracking it online as it crisscrossed the country. it went from best to new hampshire, out to san francisco, then back to boston again. and it just kept going in the same circle for a month. >> i wondered how long it would go on, would it ever stop. roger contacted the postal service but he says no one knew how to stop sending the would, to boston. any said wait if it doesn't come back and get delivered after five days give us a call back. >> it didn't get delivered and the post office told him to wait some more. instead, he contacted 7 on your side. >> one concern was this box was just going to be a tattered mess
8:52 am
with a beat up broken lens. >> we contacted the postal service and they came up with a plan to rescue the box from the vicious cycle. >> they intercepted it and said we have the package and we are putting it on this flight and it gets to san francisco grab it. >> which they did. roger picked it up, opened the box and found the long awaited traveling lens safely tucked inside. >> happy ending. we found the package and it was delivered. >> it was exciting. i was very happy. >> there is no guarantee a mistake will not happen but the postal service says problems like this are extremely rare. the best route? send your box by priority mail or other service that comes with a tracking code so then you can at least see where your package is going. >> coming up next, automobiles take place, a new car that is
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>> it could seem like science fiction but flying cars will soon be a reality. there is a sky car by a davis county and now they have enough financial backing to get production rolling. sky car 200 is designed for low flight and can be driven on a street. it is classified as "light
8:56 am
sports aviation" so you do not need a pilots license to drive it. >> watching the jetson cartoons never thought i would see the day. >> that is cool. >> good day to fly a flying car. >> it will be. >> visibility and airport delays but the clouds show 58 in fremont and 57 in palo alto and the monterey bay, so despite the sun, we could run the risk of a shower right on through tomorrow and not warming up to the end of the week but bone dry after the weekend. >> thank you, lisa, and thank all of you for joining us on abc7 saturday morning news. you asked for it and now the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for droid phone or tablet and the kindle fire.
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp at the columbus zoo, ld countdown." giraffes, zebras, moose, and bongo haveerent coats. it is almost like they are painted. >> yeah, yeah. >> but they all wear the same shoe style. >> let's get them up. [whistles] >> i am talking about hooves, of course. he knows something is coming. this is amazing. that animal knows something is coming. >> she does. an stand up on its which african rear hooves?ok at this look at thisere is one. wild blooper of plus, my wild blooper of the week. golly. [laughter] all that and more on today's "wild countdown." yahoo! i can't wait to see the animals. what are you laughing at? we tried to leave our tents. not even to go get dinner. we couldn't get to dinner. the lions were everywhere! golly dang! [dog barking] whoo!


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